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Former Gang Leaders Invite Diverse Local Leaders And Communities To Stand Together In The Spirit Of ‘Oneness’, April 29, 2012

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On Sunday, April 29 The Warriors of Light* will stand with an array of local leaders, students and community groups in the effort to raise awareness to “The Awakening To Oneness”. Taking place at Tobacco Road, Miami’s religious clerics, priests, rabbis and diverse community leaders will stand together exemplifying their desire for unity and peace. The gathering will start at 4:00pm to sunset with special performances throughout and ending with a candle lighting ceremony.
The circumstances surrounding Trayvon Martin have further intensified the fear and anger being expressed in our society. For quite some time our nation has been functioning in a place of unpredictability both economic and physical, inciting anger, finger pointing and judgment. This fear based reality has taken its toll on society in many ways with more people experiencing chaos, suffering and pain. There is an element of powerlessness that underlies all this. Individuals can cope with challenges, if they feel that they can do something about them. It is when the entire economy and environment leaves them without direction or options that their other emotions move into a significantly – and dangerously – greater level.
On April 29, Diverse Community Leaders will come together with their congregations sharing their thoughts on oneness and giving to their communities the possibility to see the divine in everyone, to live in harmony with neighbors, have inner peace, and develop professional and personal collaborations, for the greater good.
Martin Luther King had a dream that one day each and every person would hold hands as sisters and brothers. It is this beautiful dream that has brought us to “The Awakening to Oneness”. With Trayvon as a catalyst for either unification or division, the time is now for us all to come together, in unity and participate in The Awakening to Oneness. The questions we ask ourselves and our leaders now are imperative as these will lead us to a unified people of all backgrounds with love, harmony, and new possibilities for success.
Warriors of Light are former gang heads who transformed their own lives and are now dedicated to sharing their message of love and hope in an effort to inspire and create unity, success and new opportunities for everyone. 

The only victims are the ones who see themselves as victims. Within life’s difficult and tragic experiences lies a very special gift that once realized allow us to transform ourselves and experience the deeper meaning of our unique purpose. Through the Warriors of Light Society, we become empowered by our “past”, mindful in our present, and responsible for our future.

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