Wallowing in the Swamp

According to an AP news item I just read:

President Donald Trump and his appointees have stocked federal agencies with ex-lobbyists and corporate lawyers who now help regulate the very industries from which they previously collected paychecks despite Trump’s promises as a candidate to drain the swamp in Washington.

An AP analysis found that :

Nearly half of the political appointees hired at the Environmental Protection Agency under Trump have strong industry ties. Of  59 EPA hires tracked by the AP over the last year, about a third worked as registered lobbyists or lawyers for chemical manufacturers, fossil fuel producers or other corporate clients.

And the writer commented:

This is the very type of revolving door conflicts of interests that Trump promised voters he would eliminate.

Are you shocked? Surprised? Or do you, like me, wonder why this is even news.

Surely, you didn’t believe Trump would be a moral crusader as president? It’s common knowledge that he has been a liar and a cheat all his life. And, of course, his “associates” are also bottom feeders. These people are not swamp drainers; they are swamp wallowers.

Trump and his cabinet are living high on the hog, looting and pillaging like some ancient Viking horde. Every day brings new revelations of their wanton extravagance and brazen venality.

The Trump family are among the most voracious looters. The Center for American Progress found that:

President Donald Trump has created the most corrupt administration in modern American history. He has used his position to enrich himself and his family, filled his administration with former industry lobbyists, and sought to prevent an investigation into his shady business practices.

But that’s what voters should have expected. As an an old saying reminds us, the leopard doesn’t change its spots or the swallow its flight.

Or, as an old song, puts it,

How could you believe me when I said I love you when you know I’ve been a liar all my life.

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