Fun caan dun

I had recently written that the only thing concrete was that Wall St will be getting their $700B bailout. Well, concrete is not as solid as I thought. My bad. My belief was somewhat predicated on the fall of Washington Mutual. The evening of that news, I tried to get some funds from an atm with no luck. That almost sent me running to the hills, except that south Florida has no hills and I didn’t even have enough money to get a bus ticket out of town.

Now, congress in fear of a political backlash from voters has rejected the package. Apparently, all want it, but many don’t want to put their names to it. It’s a case of who bells the cat.

Voters apparently are fed up with Wall St lauding their riches over them, losing their shirts and then coming to each taxpayer with a begging bowl. That coupled with the fact that since there was nothing in the bailout for them, it was easy to say ‘no way’.

Still something will have to be done and I can only guess that Bush and company will have to come up with something where the thieves and bumblers on Wall St are held accountable… AND pushes some niceness the taxpayers way. Did I hear major credit card reform.
An item that many may have missed while feeling dizzy from the tumbling stocks on Wall St, is general David Petraeus statement that parts of Afghanistan is ‘spiraling downwards’ into violence. Welcome to this world, bubba.

This has been going on and noted for years and it took Barack Obama’s reference just a few months go for a spotlight to be shone on Afghanistan. If I remember correctly, military expert McCain laughed at Obama only to flipflop and join the new bandwagon within a week. This is the reason why al qaeda is defeated in Iraq. They aren’t there… they’re in Afghanistan.

McCain in the white House is a guarantee of doing everything the same old way which will mean failure after failure abroad and domestically, in war and in the economy.

Everything has changed except the mindset of the republican party and its followers. They still intend on moving the world backwards… feudalism or bust.
North Korea
Another item. North Korea is once again moving to power up its nuclear bomb-making machinery. Why? Because the Bush government has failed to keep its side of the contract. It has not delivered the negotiated aid, it has not taken North Korea off the ‘terrorist list’, and it has introduced humiliating conditions not previously discussed.
It just seems that the ‘fun caan dun’