Funny country this

All about oil

I watched as the Israelis broke the truce, Hamas launched rockets into Israel and Israel mindlessly bombed those living in Gaza. And for most part of the early hostilities (when has there not been hostilities), the American popular media simply avoided the issue.

But as the fatalities mounted up quickly on the Palestinian side, the confrontation is moving closer to front page. Following the sequence, one would think that the major media are horrified at Israel’s disproportionate attacks.

Not so fast my friend. Most of the opinion shapers are spreading a propaganda campaign justifying Israel’s actions with the rationale being that Hamas broke the truce by launching missiles into Israel. The latter part indeed is true.

But these blinkered pundits are not telling you that Israel was the first to break the truce by tightening the blockade around Gaza, cutting off supplies of money, oil, medical, humanitarian and food supplies. They were starving the Gaza strip to death in order to force Hamas out.

Now I’m not backing Hamas (do I look like a Muslim fundamentalist to you), but right is right and wrong is wrong. And again America is backing the wrong side… vetoing a recent UN resolution calling for an end to the fighting.

The American media is leaning over backward in order not to attack Israel. Last week, I watched appalled, as a CNN anchor in Atlanta downrightly contradicted her own field correspondent who confirmed that Israel had deliberately rammed a boat carrying humanitarian supplies to Gaza.

He was on the boat at the time, personally witnessed the attack but she said, “There are two sides to every story?” Hello. Pretty miss. What is the dude out there for if you are gonna make up your own story?

I read the popular papers as they shed alligator tears over the Gaza dead (last count 600 Palestinians, 5 Israelis in less than 2 weeks), and in the next sentence blamed Hamas. Usually the blame takes the form that Hamas broke the truce but now it is that the Palestinian civilian casualties of women and children are high because Hamas is operating from within the public.
While this is so, there is no justifying the huge amount of ‘collateral damage’. In the United States, a policeman intent on catching a dangerous criminal firing in a crowd, would be charged and dismissed. He would face legal charges if someone died.

The state department apparently doesn’t think that policy should apply as far as Israel is concerned. An only a fool would think that Israel doesn’t know where it is sending its missiles. They are after all using American-made laser-guided ‘smart bombs’ (a bomb can only be smart if it doesn’t detonate).

Interestingly, it appears that the American people, independent of the press and the politicians, are having none of it. Sentiment, while not with Hamas, certainly isn’t with Israel, and many of the non-press professionals are pointing out the continued one-sidedness of the United States being wagged by Israel. Some even go as far to point out that that Israel is carrying out an apartheid-like policy with those Arabs who are born and still living in Israel (former president Jimmy Carter addressed this issue in his book ‘Palestine, Peace not Apartheid’).

The other interesting thing is how the pro-Israel pundits always link Iran in the shadowy background… ’This is a proxy fight between the US and Iran’. Excuse me? Are you hawkish fools stopped bleeding long enough from Iraq to want to start a fight with Iran?

The point is that the American people on the whole are getting a whitewashed version of what is happening in the mid-east and both the media and the politicians are culpable. Israel barefacedly, are barring journalists from entering Gaza, defying a supreme court ruling. However, they gladly take journalists around to show the destruction linked to Hamas missiles.

Barack Obama will not be able to break the Israel stranglehold on the US, even though the US is shipping billions of aid, military aid, low interest loans, no interest loans, non-repayable loans to Israel every year for the past 40+ years.

He might be able to make major shifts in policy to Cuba, Russia, North Korea, perhaps even Venezuela, but not Israel and the Palestinians. And because too many of his cabinet members have tight ties to Israel particularly Biden and Clinton, it is difficult to guess how much he can shift the policy regarding Iran.

European Commissioner Commissioner Benita Ferraro-Waldner told Shimon Peres, “We have come to Israel in order to advance the initiative for a humanitarian cease-fire and I will tell you, Mr. President, that you have a serious problem with international advocacy, and that Israel’s image is being destroyed.” The meeting ended in failure.

Obviously Israel doesn’t care about world opinion, because it controls the one opinion it needs… the one to the American people.
It is considered under American law, that an accused is ‘innocent until proven guilty’. But more and more this phrase based on the American constitution, is empty.

Non-whites, particularly black people can testify to this lie. Under George Bush, this credo was systematically undermined. And now even the liberal democrats have caught the flu.

Illinois Rod Blagojevich governor is charged with corruption, but he has not been tried. He has the legal power to appoint someone to a vacant senate seat (Obama’s seat which made him the only black senator in the United States). Blago appointed a qualified African-American Roland Burris, but the now all-white senate led by democrat Harry Reid is blocking the appointment because any appointment by Blagojevich is tainted. Excuse me?

My question is ‘why this?’ days before Obama’s inauguration. Burris must be seated and the law backs him fully. Is Reid and others sending a message to Obama?
Oil prices are rising again. I can here the song, “Ain’t no stopping us now, we’re on the move.”
The flood of applications for unemployment benefits have jammed said offices of many states, causing electronic unemployment filing systems to crash. At the same time, temp agencies are telling people that nothing is going on as requests for temp staff are down.

About 4.5 million Americans are collecting jobless benefits, but this is not the true reflection of the unemployed. Most of those unemployed were never eligible for benefits or have long fallen off the roster.

The good news is that the above state agencies are hiring more people so as to be able to meet the rush of the newly unemployed seeking benefits. There must be an irony here somewhere.

Hard times are ahead.