Gabby Giffords is a Shining Example to Us All

Sometimes, there are lessons to be learned from something senseless, something tragic, something so awful our minds can scarcely grasp it. I am talking about the vicious and mindless assassination attempt on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona.

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And I am thinking of her fighting spirit and the lessons we can learn from her display of old-fashioned American  guts.

Shot through the brain, most of us would close our eyes and give up.

What would we have to look forward to, even if we did not die or become a vegetable?

Who wants to limp through life, struggling to walk or speak, every step a challenge, every word a battle?

Yet Gabby Giffords did not close her eyes and pack it in.

She is battling back, walking and talking. Not just walking but forcing her paralyzed left side back into action. Not just talking but uttering encouraging words like “awesome” and “love you.”

She is even planning to attend Friday’s space shuttle launch commanded by her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly (pictured above with Congresswoman Giffords).

Words cannot express my admiration for this woman.

Way to go, Gabby!

(Click here for an update on her condition.)