General Jah Mikey Releases His New Single “Ethiopia Calling” via Issachar Muzik / Tuff Gong International

Reggae singer General Jah Mikey delivers his call to the “motherland” with “Ethiopia Calling.”  The single is released today on the Issachar Muzik label and distributed by Tuff Gong International, the iconic label and distribution company founded by the late Bob Marley in Jamaica.  It is the second release on Issachar Muzik following up his 2018 single “How Hungry Feel.”

General Jah Mikey Releases His New Single Ethiopia Calling via Issachar Muzik Tuff Gong International
The founder of Issachar Muzik, Kingston native, Jah Lloyd ‘Issachar’ Shaw releases new material from roots Reggae artistes and material that has not been available digitally including unreleased tracks and surprises for over two decaeds.

About General Jah Mikey

Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, General Jah Mikey, born Michael Mitchell, has manifested the title, “Lyrical Ambassador” from over two decades of musical experience and vocal talent. Jah Mikey’s alluring sonorous tone and melodic style have expanded his capacity, and he is gifted with more than just Rasta appeal. In addition to his lyrical and rich reggae sound, Jah Mikey has recorded in many m…usical genres, including Jungle, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Hardcore, and House. His sultry singing style is a colorful combination of dancehall, lover’s rock, hip hop, jazz and R&B.

As early as age eleven Mikey was absorbing the craft of making profound music with a studio apprenticeship with the legendary King Tubby. In 1985, by the age of seventeen, he had his first published recording on Mozziyah Records, and the following year came to America for his first US tour.
General Jah Mikey has performed on numerous sound systems that include, Zodiac, Kilamanjaro, Class One, and King Jammy’s. He has toured coast to coast in the United States, and has made his way into the Virgin Islands. Mikey’s vocals have graced the labels of Jammys, Tappa Records, Adamari Records, Jungle Riddim Records, and his own label, Jah Sky Muzik.

Within the last couple years, Jah Mikey has been working with celebrated and diverse artists such as, X Clan, Sammy Dread, The Roots Radics Band, Pinney Woods, Dr. Dre, Winzell Kelly of the Darmatics, Junior Reid, The Scientist and dubstep pioneers Rusko, 12th Planet and Datsik.
Combining his multifarious music styles, his resonant enchanting voice, longevity in the scene, and his charismatic stage presence, General Jah Mikey has enriched, and will continue to contribute a thundering amount of quality to, the music scene. In 2013 is a huge year for General Jah Mikey with the release of his newest studio album, Original Yard Food on Zion High Productions as well singles from Jungle Riddim Records and many more over recent years.