General Shanky has release a new hit song

Born in the vicinity of a small community in Portland ,William Cruickshank aka General Shanky had been musically gifted and recognized it at an early age of nine years. During his teens , he along with Louie Culture performed in many musically events that they were invited to eg concerts and stage shows. As time goes by he orchestrated several stage shows with international reggae artists such as Bushman, Capleton,Everton Blender ,Pliers and etc… While on his venture he had established his record label in 1995 _”DJAM Records” on which he had distributed his hit songs “Life is one big roll ” -General Shanky/ Richie Spice and “Spend all mi money and mind yuh” , General Shanky/Bajie Man ; “Nothing but Love”(which are currently being sold in the USA, Japan and Europe market) He later opened his own Record store in Portmore at the McMaster centre in 1997 where he distributed many records and attributed to the Jamaican Star TOP TEN selection for reggae…………

As time goes by General Shanky matured so does his lyrics as his lyrics reflects  the image of a modern Bob Marley version.

He performed on stage shows around Jamaica…USA, UK and the Caribbean as he toured with his brethren from youth…Louie Culture. His On-stage performances can be seen on DVDs on the annually event In his hometown ,Portland—-“Portland Splash” produced and promoted by Louie Culture …and “Bling Dawg Summer jam” .

General Shanky”s mission revolves around getting his words of wisdom to his people whether through his songs or his daily bulletin on the  MySpace   which is appreciated by many others who waits earnestly for his true words of wisdom and encouragement to comfort them through the day as their life relates to it.

General Shanky latest release is “ Jamaican Stuff”…hit song for 2008