A Gift for you: Coffee Roasters of Jamaica gives away free French Presses for Christmas

Traditionally, Jamaicans would crush or grind their home-roasted coffee beans, boil them on a coal stove and strain it through a piece of cloth. Nowadays most people use instant coffee for its convenience, but that comes at a price, as instant can’t deliver the rich heavy body or delicious aroma of freshly roasted and brewed coffee.
A Gift for you Coffee Roasters of Jamaica gives away free French Presses for Christmas1The principal of Country Traders, Mark Fletcher wants to make it easier for Jamaicans to enjoy their coffee. “We know a lot of Jamaicans drink instant coffee because of its convenience. We want the average Jamaican to enjoy good coffee using our French press brewing method, so we are giving away French presses with the purchase of a 1lb minimum of Coffee Roasters coffee as our gift to you for Christmas,” he said.

For most of December, Coffee Roasters will be in select supermarkets in the corporate area. When you purchase 1lb or more of any of our Authentic Jamaican, 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain, or Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend you will get a free French press– a great gift for Christmas.

The French press is a full immersion brewing device with a metal mesh filter. This guarantees one thing, in particular, a viscous brew with a fuller body and increased texture due to more oils remaining in the final brew.

The use of a French press requires a medium to coarsely ground bean. Finely ground coffee is more likely to seep through the filter and contaminate the coffee.

The coffee grounds are placed into the empty beaker. Hot water is added, proportionate to the amount of coffee grounds used.

The total brewing time for coffee in a French press is three to four minutes, depending on the size of the press and how much extraction is desired.

The plunger is pressed in order to separate the grounds and to hold them at the bottom of the beaker, and then the brew is poured out. In many ways, this is the most effective and traditional method of brewing coffee.

Making French press coffee is a satisfying experience as the reward of an excellent cup of coffee is well worth the effort put into it. The coffee-making process is simple, the taste of your beans is delightfully enhanced, and the cleanup is easy. No wonder this coffee maker is becoming one of the most popular methods of brewing around the world!

Most importantly if you brew correctly you can expect to always enjoy the nuanced aroma and flavors found only in freshly brewed coffee.
A Gift for you Coffee Roasters of Jamaica gives away free French Presses for Christmas2

How to make your own coffee with a French press


One heaping tablespoon for every 7 ounces (200ml) of water


Allow water to cool to just below boiling to avoid burning


Ensure that all grounds are fully saturated


Allow steeping for three to four minutes


Slowly depress the plunger to filter, then serve immediately.

French Press Brewing Tips

– Serve immediately after brewing because it will continue extracting adding bitter flavors to your coffee. Pour it into another server if you aren’t going to drink it all at once.

– Make sure you clean your press thoroughly and often because old coffee grounds stuck in the filters will have no mercy on your fresh coffee. Most filters can be disassembled for cleaning.

– If the results aren’t quite what you are looking for, play with all the variables adding more or less coffee to suit your taste. Making coffee should be fun and experimental. The best cup of coffee is the one you like; I encourage you to find it.

You can also purchase online at www.coffeeroasters.com or visit their outlet at Unit #3, 69-75 Constant Spring Road, Kingston.