Gifted Hands & Mind can Power the Next Generation

This Saturday evening, I was privileged to watch the TNT movie on the life of one of my living heroes, Dr. Ben Carson.


I have admired this giant of a man for many years.  My kids have read all his books, and we have driven to any of his lectures, which were within our geographic possibility.

You may ask why this seemly obsession.  I am very selective in whom I recommend as role models to my kids, and Dr. Carson  fits the bill.


I consider his mom the co-MVP of his story, that we as parents need to emulate.

When we have a dedicated vision for the possibility for our kids, nothing, yes nothing will stop us from attaining them.  Not racism, not the poverty of an inner city school system.

Here was a poor single mom, who believe in the potential of her kids and sacrificed much to allow them to attain their potential.


I am easily bored with movies, so I took notes to keep me focused.  Here is a listing of my ramblings from a parent’s perspective:

  •  Human frailties such as temper can be managed and channeled for greatness.
  • Turn off the television (let me add IPODS, and other media devices). Manage the influences that others can have on your children, and make sure they are positive ones.
  • Persevere in telling our children what special gifts we see in them.
  • Model the importance of education – she learned to read.
  • Get them to make the library a favorite hang out.
  • Develop their  love for great baroque music, not 7-11 music.
  • Nurture their faith formation.
  • Support the development of their imagination and their dreams.
  • Challenge them with stretch goals, even if they protest.

At the end of the movie, Dr. Carson  came on and invited us to go to his

website  (click here to go there now)

Dr. Carson uses his gifted hands and marvelous mind to perform miracles in restoring brain function.   He clearly recognizes that knowledge and brain power is our most critical raw material in our current information age.

The future belongs to those who invest in learning and developing their God given human potential.

He and his wife are dedicated to educational excellence and are investing their blessings in the development of the next generation through their scholarship program.


Do your family a great favor. Drive, run, take the bus, ride your bike, do whatever to introduce your children to living heroes like the Carsons! Your generations will thank you for this simple act.