Goat who once was a man arrested in Nigeria…Jamaican Superstitions

Billy Goat by Mark Hamblin
Image from Poster.com

In Nigeria a goat has been arrested for armed robbery. Apparently they believe one of the men involved in the crime changed himself to a goat. I laughed when I read the story but it also brought back some of my memories of Jamaican superstitions. A few stand out in my mind. The first one was “not turning back from a long journey”. I have a uncle who would never turn back if he is going on a journey. I remember on occasions when we forgot something we would have to leave him at the “spot” go get the item and then continue on the journey. In many cases he was the driver so we would never turn back. I also remember another uncle who believed if a “woman” sneezed on him he would have bad luck all day. Sound funny but we all have our superstitions.