God Punishes Gays? Really?



Some people find satisfaction in other people’s misfortune. They interpret it as God’s punishment for doing something they disapprove of.

perkins2Tony Perkins (at right) is one of those self-righteous people. He has become famous for crusading against gays, saying (among a lot of other crazy things) thst God sends natural disasters to punish them.

As head of the Family Research Council, a right-wing hate group, he shows up on TV from time to time, predicting fire and brimstone for people who don’t share his (professed) sexual orientation.

It doesn’t occur to him that God made gays and a just God would never punish them for being the way he made them.

But now, Perkins may want to revise his thinking.

The natural disaster that has left thousands homeless in Louisiana (and killed 13) flooded his home. He posted pictures (like the one above) on Facebook and asked for our prayers.

I can only hope that after this he will pray for all of us – including our gay brothers and sisters – not wish God’s wrath upon anyone.

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