Gone but not Forgotten

Remember Barack Obama? The guy who was born in Kenya but cleverly managed to insert birth notices in Hawaiian newspapers so he could one day grow up and become president of the US?

The Muslim mole who was going to help Islamic extremists colonize America?

The Anti-Christ?

Obama’s two-term presidency ended without any of the disasters predicted by right-wing conspiracy theorists. The sea did not boil, the heavens were not set ablaze.

Obama did not manage to diminish the military, turn kids gay through Common Core and kill America’s livestock. He did not even bring down the global economy, causing Muslim immigrants to flood the US and establish Shariah law.throughout the land.

The country actually did pretty well, recovering from the worst financial disaster in a generation and staying out of any more major wars.

But that doesn’t mean we can forget about Obama. His menace persists, living on in the fetid imaginations of rightwing conspiracy theorists.

President Trump knows.

Trump knows Obama wiretapped his phones. Trump knows Obama is behind those protests sweeping the land. Trump knows it was Obama who funded the troublemaking groups organizing the protests (you mean it wasn’t George Soros, after all?)

Yes, Trump knows Obama – and Valerie Jarrett and Eric Holder and the rest of the gang – are holed up in some secret lair, plotting a coup d’état.

And I’m sure Trump knows about that CIA plot to assassinate him.

You didn’t know? You didn’t hear that Obama is planning a third term? Obviously, you don’t keep up with right-wing propaganda.

Imagine, there you are, worrying about Trump’s Russian connection, when you could be focusing on the real threat – that old bogeyman Obama.

Trump’s chumps know better. They know who the subversives really are. And nobody can convince them otherwise. After all, they have their own news sources; they have their own facts.

They don’t have to rely on the “fake news” you and I get from the mainstream media.

This old world gets weirder and weirder, doesn’t it?

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