When Good People Do Nothing

Martin Luther King Jr. is among historical figures who reminded us that:

Evil only succeeds when good people do nothing.

The world is witnessing evil’s success as Trump and his gang pursue their agenda of plunder and oppression. But it seems this dark cloud might have a silver lining.

Good people are awakening to the horror their apathy has caused. My guess is that it will be a long time before Americans sleepwalk through another election.

Half of the country’s eligible voters neglected to exercise their franchise, and others left the boxes for President and Vice President blank. I am convinced that one reason was the assumption that Donald Trump could not possibly get elected, so why bother?

They were wrong. Trump lost the popular vote by an overwhelming margin, but just a few thousand votes – strategically distributed in an antiquated electoral system – won him the White House. America and the world are paying the price.

Not without resistance, however.

Across America, millions are protesting Trump’s abuses. And bolstered by age-old Constitutional protections, the courts are standing firm against his illegal orders.

While a recent poll shows his base of “deplorables” want Trump to have the powers of a dictator, the vast majority of “the people” oppose his overreach.

With his approval ratings at historic lows, nationwide resistance to Trump is growing daily.

There is even talk on social media of a general strike later this month.

Good people have decided they will no longer do nothing.

But while such demonstrations are valuable, the definitive response to aberrations ike Trump is still the ballot box. Let’s hope the painful lesson of November’s election is not forgotten when the next elections roll around.

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