Good Riddance, Governor


So the Democratic governor of West Virginia says he is changing parties. So I say, “Good riddance.”

Governor Jim Justice (photo) is the kind of Democrat  that drags the party down. Left to me, the Democrats wouldn’t wait for these Blue Dogs to quit, they would proactively send Justice and his ilk packing.

There have been defections in the past. You may recall the Southern Democrats, for example. These pathetic bigots defected when the Democrats championed civil rights. And now they’re just a footnote to America’s history while the party lives on.

Justice is no Democrat. He is a coal baron.

He is also a suck-up. He is craven enough to make his announcement at a Trump rally, where he knows he will get  brownie points from the president and cheers from the crowd.

That shows a lack of Democratic DNA.

Real Democrats don’t suck up. Real Democrats are proud champions of working Americans, defenders of the oppressed, supporters of the poor and the sick.

Real Democrats protect our precious planet from the looters and plunderers who would ravage its resources and contaminate its earth and water for their own profit.

Cleansed of moles like Justice, the Democratic Party can better pursue policies of  compassion, common sense and the common good, instead of doing the bidding of coal barons and Wall Street wolves.

And the Democratic Party will emerge triumphant as American voters inevitably realize what’s best for themselves, their children and generations yet unborn.

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