Government by Tweets


The sheer silliness of a president issuing policy statements via Twitter must be making America a global laughing stock.

I don’t ever go on Twitter. I delete the uninvited emails I get from Twitter. To me, Twitter is for kids and trolls, not me.

You know who uses tweets to communicate with the public, don’t you? And apparently he isn’t above using Twitter to hustle a stock or two.

According to Reuters, the US Office of Government Ethics issued a warning after the president-elect tweeted a suggestion to buy L.L. Bean.

Sadly, their warning also came via Twitter.

Am I embarrassed by having such a lowbrow president-elect? Do I think his lack of sophistication reflects badly on America and Americans?

Of course I do. And – even more horrifying – I fear his  lack of a moral compass endangers the world.

But I am embarrassed when others stoop to his level. And using Twitter for official announcements is doing just that. It’s not just undignified, it’s downright childish. And it strikes me as pandering to the worst aspects of American culture.

The US Office of Government Ethics should have sent President-elect Trump a letter  reminding him of the restrictions against using his office to hustle stocks – and of the people’s expectation that our president will display decency and decorum

Come on America! We’re not all a bunch of giggling teens, are we?

Click for the Reuters story