Gramps Morgan Assists in Developing St Thomas

Gramps Meorgan, a prominnt member of the globally renowned Morgan Heritage group, has become a proud homeowner at the Sun Coast Beach Club Development in St. Thomas, Jamaica. The group has recently received the Jamaican Icon Award for contributions to music culture in Jamaica.

Gramps Morgan assists in developing st Thomas
Gramps’ investment in property at the Sun Coast Beach Club Development is in his recognition of quality luxurious living and his commitment to enhancing local real estate in both the parish of St.Thomas & Jamaica as a whole. Gramps’ recent move to acquire property in this upscale resort style community sends a significant message to other investors that this is a solid investment that will no doubt positively impact the success of the community. 

As a son of the parish with authentic ties to St. Thomas, Gramps Morgan has always maintained a deep connection to his roots. His investment in the Sun Coast Beach Club Development highlights his desire to elevate his beloved parish. His choice resonates with the project’s goal of not only providing lavish residences but also fostering a sense of togetherness within a dynamic neighbourhood. 

Becoming a homeowner at the Sun Coast Beach Club Development signifies a realization of Gramps Morgan’s aspiration to own a piece of paradise in St. Thomas. His acquisition of property at the development marks a milestone in his journey. 

The Sun Coast Beach Club Development is a vision for a resort-style living experience & has garnered attention for its innovative approach to blending modern living with the allure of a tropical paradise. It is led by Chief Executive Officer Kevin Frith. 

Gramps’ investment highlights the project’s role in shaping the landscape of St. Thomas, which will undoubtedly lead to higher standards of living. His involvement is not just about personal luxury; it’s about being a catalyst for economic growth. 

The development envisions becoming an economic anchor for St. Thomas, through infrastructure improvements. It will help to sustain local businesses while providing employment opportunities for local people. This will position the parish as a sought-after destination for both residents and visitors. 

With Gramps as a homeowner, the Sun Coast Beach Club Development enters an exciting new chapter, merging music, culture, and luxurious living.