Grand Bargain, Mr. President? Don’t even Think about it!

This morning’s emails included an invitation to sign a petition to President Obama against putting Social Security on the chopping block in an attempt to get a “grand bargain” out of the Republicans. I sign a lot of petitions but I didn’t sign this one.

I am not even prepared to think about a “grand bargain.”

And the President shouldn’t be, either.

Let’s just stop fiddling around with the conservative saboteurs and concentrate on one single goal – kicking them out of power.

There’s no chance of compromise. There’s no chance of reasoning with these Tea Party types. They aren’t fighting for a draw; this is winner take all.

Any bargain they accept would be far from grand. It would be a disaster.

And not just because so many codgers like me depend on Social Security and Medicare to survive. Driving us into poverty is just part of their agenda.

Their targets include single mothers and their children, pregnant women, ethnic minorities, down-on-their-luck families, working stiffs… To them we’re a pack of losers, and we deserve to go hungry.

They view the rest of the country – and the rest of the world – with contempt and hostility. If you are not a successful white American man, then it sucks to be you.

So, I ask you Mr. President, why waste time trying to strike a deal with these bullies? They understand one thing – muscle.

Try to hug them and you get a punch in the nose – every time. So why not take off the gloves and see what they’re made of?

They blinked when you stood your ground on their government shutdown and their debt ceiling threat. Now, they “can’t even stand to look at you.”

By now, I’m sure you recognize that you can’t win if you’re constantly trying to negotiate a truce.

And I’m sure you can see that the only path to sanity in America is to rout the radical right once and for all.

Let’s focus on that goal. Next November is just around the corner. Forget about bargains, Mr. President. Keep your mind on the fight.