Great Spirit……………..

Photo credit: Andrian Fernandez

i am persuaded by your silence

         you are—bravery!

the intelligence of your guidance

the small, high & great cheek bones

your creation

Short, medium, tall, young and old

the length of your coarse, curly, straight,

dark—groom hair

the strength, shape of the rose tattoos

golden, sharp eyes,

like the stars amongst the sky,

shape somewhat like the mystical moon

       ‘You—inspire me!

to want the best in me, even when i may

        appear—silly & as a ‘fool,’

I am persuaded to want to know you,

      *fiery great spirit—brilliance you!

the blooming rose—display

     like prayers everyday

i wish to know you

I wish to love you

in your silence; the symbolic


*an self awareness

Empress Journee