Green Island Productions Launches First Caribbean Talent Search

Green Island Productions Inc. has launched its first ever Caribbean Talent Search. The company, which began about a year ago, is run by a dedicated team comprised of both Caribbean and American nationals who have worked with and been around Caribbean talent for a long time.

The Search will culminate in a talent competition, set for April 2008, which is designed to be the ultimate in talent competitions.

Green Island Productions Inc. will feature talent from all reaches of the Caribbean. According to Markel Pulliam, vice president of the company, this newest explosion of arts and entertainment will offer a commanding voice to the abundance of Caribbean talent.

“The goal of Green Island Productions Inc. is to offer avenues that will progressively discover unrecognized talent and metamorphosize it to recognizable gifts, which will undoubtedly establish a much anticipated and invigorating island buzz,” Pulliam said.

With a dedicated Board of Directors and excited support staff, Green Island Productions Inc. has grown to a fully operating production company in pursuit of its first annual talent search. Singers, dancers and musicians will get the chance to put their work out there. With this launch the company can now receive talent DVD’s/VHS tapes from aspiring artists and entertainers throughout the Caribbean, together with their registration fee of US $80. Once received, there will be an extensive review of these tapes by a selected panel with experience in one or more of the selected genre areas. Twelve finalists will then be chosen to become performers at the First Annual “The Caribbean’s got talent, too.”
First, second and third place winners of the competition will receive cash rewards of US $15 000, US $10 000 and US $5000 respectively. A venue location for the competition is to be determined at a later date. Interest level and island responsiveness will play a key factor when considering this location. For further information and registration details applicants can visit the company’s official website

The company is urging business houses, churches and other organizations in the region to sponsor talented individuals who would otherwise not have the opportunity to showcase their talent. Organizations sponsoring twenty-five persons or more can get free advertising on the company’s website up until the date of the competition.

Markel Pulliam
Green Island Productions Inc.
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954 326 3660