Guadeloupe Prepares For The Digicel Caribbean Championships’ Stage 2

As the Digicel Caribbean Championships gear up to Stage 2, Guadeloupe prepares for the first games of the second stage of the football tournament.  Guadeloupe hosts Group F which also includes Martinique, Grenada and Cayman Islands.
Stage 2 of the DCC starts Saturday October 11 with double header games played over the course three days.  Guadeloupe Head Coach Roger Salnot is preparing his team by insisting on the humility and a competitive spirit: “We are not the favorites but a team which has to qualify by itself. It will be necessary to play good football, remain concentrated and give of oneself profoundly.”
“One may believe that playing in Guadeloupe gives us an advantage but our public is very demanding and demands a lot from their players. Thus we are getting ready and the competition played in France last month served as additional training.  It will be necessary for us to rest and to recover from our journey before playing the first match against the Cayman Islands.”
Coach Salnot also speaks about the competition ahead: “We do not know all our opponents. We know Martinique who we played in France last month and defeated us 1-0.  We also know that Grenada and the Cayman Islands have good coaches; good players and they will come to Guadeloupe with the spirit to qualify themselves for the DCC finals in Jamaica.
“We are excited about playing in the finals in Jamaica as our young people like Jamaicans, the culture, the music, so that will be motivation for the players to qualify for the finals in that beautiful Island.
The Guadeloupe League de Football has been meeting with the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) and Digicel, proud sponsors of Caribbean Football, over the past two months to ensure a “beautiful tournament” in Guadeloupe.  Salnot continues: “The League de Football is giving itself thoroughly to make a beautiful competition, a festival of football with much young spectators. The invited teams will be welcomed and, everything should go smoothly, with passion, like the DCC motto says ‘Life, Passion, Football!”

Stage 2 of the Digicel Caribbean Championships start Saturday October 11 with double header games played over the course three days and ends on Wedneday October 15.

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