Hands across Jamaica for Righteousness launches multi media campaign for unity, peace and hope

Press Release:
Contact:Hands Across Jamaica For Righteousness: [email protected]

[March, 2005]: A 12-week multi media campaign for unity, peace and hope initiated by Hands Across Jamaica For Righteousness (HANDS) and supported by radio and television stations across the nation, got off the ground at a launch event at Kings House on March 3, starting 10:00 a.m.

Dubbed ‘Jamaica, Land of Destiny’, The campaign focuses Jamaicans on the Vision, standards and principles enshrined in the nation’s Motto, Anthem and Pledge (MAP) as a beacon of hope and a roadmap containing directions for national development.

At the launch HANDS unveiled the upgraded version of the song ‘Let’s Join Hands’, and the feature product of the campaign, a 90-second inspirational video scheduled to air on all television stations starting march 3.
The movement has also produced four 45-second messages for radio focused on mutual respect, loyalty, service and crime that will be carried by several radio stations across the nation, starting tomorrow afternoon.

The messages feature Judy Mowatt talking about respect; a little girl’s prayer to God that was penned during a desperate moment and carried as a letter to the editor; a former gunman, now reformed Minister for Christ talking heart to heart to the gunmen; and an inner city youth counselor urging youth to service, love and loyalty to country.

A flyer outling 12 practical things Jamaicans can do to help their country and an outline of the vision of the nation as enshrined in the MAP, has been produced for distribution. HANDS also put on show prints of the Motto, Anthem and Pledge (MAP) executed in calligraphy that will be distributed to 1 000 schools across the nation.

Governor General, His Excellency, The Most Hon. Sir Howard Cooke was the featured guest speaker.