Happy 47th Independence Jamaica

When you put into perspective that we are only 47 years old, not even half a century and we look at our high expectations for ourselves and in some very real important areas we fall short? – but then there are so many things to be thankful for, to be grateful for, to acknowledge how blessed indeed we are.

The invitation by the JTB to be a part of this Independence press trip has been fun, fortuituous, educational, with lots of awe, wonderment and reflections.  With our wonderful host Lyndon from the NY office and 5 fulltime journalists we have bonded and shared similiar experiences as each day goes by and nuff respect to our ever-attentive driver, Steve.

On Tuesday, we started off with a guided tour of the Spanish Court by Charlotte.  Something must be said about this hotel – it does indeed feel like  a home… the ever-smiling staff, my waiter in the morning is so good and attentive to all my tea, coffee, water and juice needs.’s

We then toured the Bob Marley Museum, Devon House and had the famous Devon Stout ice cream before moving onto the Tuff Gong Recording Studio and finished off with dinner at Cuddz’s.

On Wednesday, we toured Marcus Garvey’s Liberty Hall, a quick stop at the Crafts’ Market downtown Kingston, Fort Charles and Giddy House in Port Royal, followed by lunch at Morgan’s Harbour.