Happy 93rd Earth Strong Miss Lou (plus a likkle poem)

Although yu pass and gone

yu a still we boonoonoonoos

and we Queen

when we pop story pon one anedda

hold we hip and seh woiiii

we still think a yu

know wah me mean?

and how yu eye dem used to open wide

and bright lakka mawnin star

weh ever patois deh and long bench draw

yu never deh far

Look pon yu.

A tell yu likkle story and a sing yu likkle song

a dance and hold yu belly

di love fi Jamaica strong

a you mek we know seh we nuh dunce nor duppy bat

dem seh dogs we seh dogs dem and a jus we dat

we nuh less dan nuhbdaddy

afta a nuh maths equation dis

matta a fact we better off caw a two language, yu insist

everyday we call yu name

and me hope yu did know

before dem walk up up pon di nine night

how much yu help we grow

as a country

as a people

and me as a likkle girl

a likkle fat roun head girl from country

yu show me seh me cudda tek on di worl’

all if a mas’ zachy donkey me ride come

and dem used to tie me to bed post caw me bad

all when me a put di hempha-sis pon di wrong sylaaable

me can do summn and me glad

tek di colony outta we mout

and backa massa outta we mind

tan up and talk to we like we talk to one anedda

show we dat was fine

ahhh miss lou-

peel head johncrow surely miss yu

and di class rooms and stages too

we boonoonoonoos lady

we favourite auntie

please and tenky

and happy birthday

to di beautiful Ms. Lou