Happy New Hair (I mean… year)

The following list is a compilation of hair resolutions from the ladies in my family, my friends and myself for the New Year. As women we usually aspire to do the best for hair, body, skin at the beginning of the year and we make resolutions. Fortunately, the resolutions listed below are not hard to adjust to and follow. Hence, it is quite likely that one or two or all of these resolutions will resound with you this year. For myself, I struggle with number seven and twelve every year and I am hoping that I will be consistent in the year to come.

Have a fabulous year, I wish for you long, luxurious locks for the coming year, more blessings than you can count and knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

Here are the resolutions:

1. I will cut off all my scraggly, uneven, chewed up looking, dried hair ends and start afresh for the New Year.

2. I will retain four to six inches of my hair this year, whether my hair is relaxed or natural, through a good moisture building and retaining hair regimen.

3. I will not be using products that will dry out my hair, these include sulfates which are found in most over the counter shampoos, I will shop for those with no harmful chemicals added and products that were made to cater to black hair.

4. I will remember that less is more and the less that I do with my hair, including hairstyles (that are too tight and complicated) combing and fiddling with my hair, the more hair I will be able to retain.

5. I will throw away my regular hard hairbrush or save it to brush off my carpet or other tough materials.

6. I will use more natural organic based products in my hair and I will stay away from dyes and hair colors with p-phenylenediamine (PPD), which is listed on the box of even non-permanent “natural” products.

7. I will wash hair once or twice per week, deep condition every week and seal in moisture with an organic oil, and wrap my hair with a silk scarf every night. I will remember to do these things even if I am on vacation.

8. I will love my hair even if it frustrates me. Additionally, I won’t call my daughter’s hair bad even if her hair frustrates me to comb it, I will step away from perpetuating the myth that black hair is not good hair and I will not alter her kinky curls by using chemicals just because I find it easier to comb.

9. I will not allow my hair to go dry and brittle, which includes using heat excessively. Air-drying will be my friend for at least three weeks out of the four weeks per month, till the end of the year. I will also use my flat iron, curling iron and blow dryer sparingly.

10. I will stand up to my hair dresser and let her know that she is not the boss of me, so whenever I do not want my hair to be cut, she can’t make me.

11. It is ridiculous to believe that petroleum and mineral oil are moisturizers, and I will not buy any product label that has these two ingredients as the first two ingredients on any so-called moisturizer.

12. I will eat properly and exercise because I realize that a good balanced diet and a consistent exercise regime will give my hair and skin added benefits.

13. I will go natural next year, I have not seen it natural for close to twenty years!

14. I will not wear wigs or weaves next year. I am going to learn to take care of my own hair.

15. I will read product labels on all my hair products and try to find out how good or bad they are before I buy them.

16. I will do a porosity test of my hair every two months to find out if it needs protein or moisture and treat it accordingly.

17. I will be using more organic hair products, including natural oils and concocting my own recipes.

18. I will refer black women who are thirsty for hair knowledge, to the relevant sites and books which can help them with their hair care issues, I will not be selfish and hoard information from my friends and co-workers just because I want to be the only black girl with long hair  that they know.

19. I want to retain my six inches of  hair to see it at my waist next year.

20. This year I am going to care for my hair so that it can be thick and have lots of body.

Have a fabulous year!