Happy New Year – January 2011 Events


Here at thank all our advertisers, readers and well wishers for their continued interest in our quarterly e-bulletins and website. Without your support and interest we would not have developed as much as we have so far.

The last 12 months has seen our circulation grow from strength to strength, to the point where we’ve been asked specific questions of services outside the London area (e.g. Kent, Nottingham and Cambridge-shire, for instance). We want to link up as far afield as we can and will therefore need your help.

For 2011, we would like to hear from businesses from outside London. Do go online and register—there is no cost.

– Blessings,


Got to Dance 2011

One of the organisations we have been promoting has auditioned to appear on the Got To Dance 2011 show, starting 2nd January 2011, Sky 1.

We are proud to be associated with them and let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Gospel Concert 2011

Saturday, 22nd January 2011, Camden Centre. An inspired evening of gospel and soul music. For group bookings contact: [email protected]