Harbour View Football Club Striker, Fabian Taylor Transferred To Norwegian Club

Leading goal-scorer for many years for the local Premier League Club and at the league level, the mature National striker carried his magnificent goal-scoring form to the Scandinavian country earlier this year.

He joined them in early April 2008 at the start of their season following the Caribbean Club Champions elimination from the CONCACAF Champions Cup against DC United in Washington, USA where he was Team Captain.

After a period of acclimatization, he settled alongside his National team-mate Oniel “Bigga” Thompson from Boys’ Town FC who originally made the trip a year earlier to add a distinguished Jamaican flavour to the quite town of Notodden, as they challenged for promotion to the top league in their first year in Division One after promotion last year.

They fell just short of the target in the sixteen (16) Club League format, to get in the top four by finishing sixth on 46 points but Fabian made a huge impression by doing his task and scoring a Club leading fourteen (14) goals, to finish third in the overall goal-scoring chart. Winning high praise in the weekly televised show, “Player of the Week” and the prestigious award of being voted amongst the “Best Eleven” by newspaper Sport Journalist across the country.

It came as no surprise at the end of the season that Notodden FK made an approach to transfer him when negotiations were reopened, and Harbour View FC accepted the three year offer for an undisclosed fee.

Fabian is now at home in Jamaica resting and recuperating from a knee injury sustained towards the last game of a long season before rejoining pre-seasonal training in January 2009.

His high level performance has opened the door wider to Jamaican players trekking into Norway, Sweden and Finland as recently three other National players entered Norway in the Transfer Window in August 2008 as his former Harbour View partner, Luton Shelton, Khari Stephenson from Sweden and Rudolf Austin has joined him and the original stalwart, Oniel Thompson.

Notodden FK visited Jamaica in late March and again in October 17-24, 2008, were so thrilled that they are examining deeply the potential they saw and were very impressed with the entire Club organization. In return, Harbour View management visited for a week  in July 2008 touring their new stadium being built and developing an understanding of the Clubs Technical setup, the Norweigan Culture and Lifestyle that players have to experience.

As a result, an initial offer has been made to invite an HVFC Under 16 Team to participate in their new Tournament in April or May 2009, in addition to at least two Harbour View Players possibly coming on trial within the next year.

Other mutually beneficial alliances are being talked about and will be decided on within the next month or so as the Clubs share experiences to battle the new global economic landscape that is unfolding.