Has Kaci Fennell broken the Internet with her Trinidad Carnival costume?


Miss Jamaica Universe, Kaci Fennell has lit up the internet with a photo of her Trinidad Carnival costume. She is drawing praises and criticism on social media. Some say the costume is not appropriate for the Miss Jamaica Universe to represent the country, while others disagree. Didn’t she wear less than this at the Miss Universe Pageant? Below are some of the criticisms on her fan page. What to you think?

Caroll Christiaanse – Looks very trashy to me, I’m disappointed because you have a regal appearance and should not wear (my opinion) things like this

Paola Santana – Im not a fan of that outfit..it looks like dominatrix lol

Halie Fairman – Girl you could have done better. And you could have add a lol color. And those boots but thank you for representing

Sassiebabe Johnson – No that’s a lingerie girl. Pls don’t represent my country wearing that.

Katiek Durrant – That looks like a stripper outfit tho