hats. yes, hats

so the last time you guys saw me in the physical, i was wearing those weird hats.  i know the prayers were, ‘please, let him get out of that phase’, or perhaps ‘i hope that there is a law in china that outlaws those stupid hats’ lol.  no such luck my friends.  enjoy this little pictorial.

134_0005   this was likely your last look at me (stoopid hat lol)


but hah!!        134_0009


and it only gets worse              134_0020


and worser still.  look who is infected

134_0032           134_0031 134_0026          134_0022  but you gotta admit that she carries it off better than me.

well, its no fun being upstaged… i’m so borrred with this 134_0038



oh well ‘zai jian’.



-loui, from tianjin