Have you heard & seen the thunder of Ian Lyn?

Mr. Ian Lyn, who is this guy?

Well, you like me may have seen his viral video on the water crisis in Jamaica.

You should have known he is special as to how he decided to get our attention about this dire situation.

He leveraged several critical tools, video, and expert opinion.

Like a great news person, he took us to the scene of the crime, and made it quite evident that we have a serious problem.

The dam in disrepair, the dry water bed, the smoldering fires, and the bacteria-infested water with the expert environmentalist adding the technical commentary was riveting.

This video has been seen over 55 thousand times in less than a month!

Like a prophet crying in the wilderness, Ian Lyn got us to move beyond the trite, Jamaica no problem mantra to look at ourselves with piercing reflectivity.

Anyone with a sense of Jamaican pride cannot simply click away and forget the message of his video.

Deep down we know that he is addressing a deeper issue than the water crisis. This water situation is just a symbol of a great drought.

It is the withering and absence of the vital spiritual soul that is needed for a dynamic, vibrant nation.

Mr. Ian Lyn, Social Entrepeneur & prophet?

Ian Lyn is the General Manager of the New Line Motors Group of Companies, President of the Jamaica Used Car Dealer Association, and CEO of The Firm Marketing Agency.

His business success as a social entrepreneur clearly is not sufficient to satisfy his deeper yearning which is love for his country and devout belief in people and building up of the nation.

Like a skilled surgeon, the diagnosis needs to be fully rendered before the restoration can begin. He sets out to do this with the outrageous indignation of a prophet.

He spares no quarters in his analysis of our current situation. The history of our response to prophets is that we cannot see beyond their bony fingers pointing out our sins to the weeping that they do on our behalf.

I decided that I did not want to repeat history, but to give a careful listening to this firebrand of a man.

I had the distinct privilege to enter into conversation with Ian to get a fuller understanding of what makes him tick, and what are his plans beyond the video.

The wise would take heed, and give this interview a listen:


So is his diagnosis on target, and how do we move forward to a fruitful future?