Health Team Intervenes in Community to Encourage Positive Behaviour Change

The Victoria Town community in South Manchester will benefit from a one-year Targeted Community Intervention (TCI) programme aimed at impacting positive bahaviour changes among community members.

Health Team Intervenes in Community to Encourage Positive Behaviour Change1
Participants from the Manchester Health Department, the Asia Police and the Victoria Town Primary School demonstrating the collaborative approach which will be used for the Targeted Community Intervention.

The TCI programme will be spearheaded by the Manchester Health Department and will empower community members to make positive bahaviour changes in relation to health, wellness and environmental health practices. 

The programme was launched at the Victoria Town Primary School on Friday, April 29, using the theme “Step Up! Stand Out! Tek Charge, A Fi Wi Community”, and will use a collaborative approach with the school, the police, political directorate and other government agencies and stakeholders. 

Health Team Intervenes in Community to Encourage Positive Behaviour Change2
Some of the students and parents who attended the launch of the Targeted Community Intervention programme in the Victoria Town community.

According to Medical Officer of Health for Manchester, Dr. Nadine Williams, the rural community was selected based on clinical data which revealed several challenges in the community including health and social issues.

“A part of our mission is to work with you the community members to make your lives healthier and to empower you to make positive changes” Dr. Williams said.  

The Health Department will use initiatives and strategies to work with residents including: health screenings, group counselling and health committee meetings. 

Community members will also be empowered with knowledge of the use of exercise and proper nutrition to create a healthier lifestyle. The programme will be re-assessed after one year.  

Sergeant Lavern McClean who represented the Asia Police Division welcomed the partnership, noting that the police is committed to working with the Manchester Health Department to achieve its goals.