Helping Haiti Directly vs getting on a soapbox?

Over the past few days I have gotten numerous emails from Jamaican & Caribbean organizations who are trying to help Haiti.  I commend them on this.  I am fine with the drives to collect items etc. What  I don’t understand is why some of these organization, with no affiliation to Haiti,  are starting bank accounts  to help Haiti when there is other organizations already set up to do this.  I know people are going to say they know their audience and they are trying to reach them. Then why not ask them to send the money to one of these already established organization. You are still reaching your audience and your people to help. Setting up new bank accounts and funds is just adding another layer. In fact many of these emails  state they will give any donation they get back to these established organizations. So why not ask you people to donate directly.

I hate to say this but it seems like organizations want to be on a soapbox where they can say “XYZ organization collected x-amount and donated to Haiti”.  The people need the money and help right now and the established organization can get it to them quickly.  Let’s cut out the middle man and the soapbox.

What do you think? Am I wrong about this?

Donate to Haiti Today!!! –   See a list of organizations you can make donations to.