Helping Should not be that hard..A Rant

I try to keep a positive outlook on life especially when it comes to helping others. In 99% of the cases I ( ask for nothing in return when we help. But sometimes it is hard. I find this especially when it comes to Jamaica. I cannot mention the details however for over a year I have been working to to assist an organization in Jamaica only to find out they sold their “soul” to a bidder that has done nothing for them. From what I understand the bidder wants to be the only entity to help them and they want a percentage of any contributions the organization gets. How could an organization sell their soul? Well desperation. Now I am not saying this unique to just Jamaica. But this is what I am familiar with. I have been through the shipping, clearing, getting proper documentation, “soon come” mentality, etc for other projects. None of those projects was as hard as this one. Helping should not be so hard….however I will continue to help Jamaica and Jamaicans in anyway I can… just my rant for today.