Here Comes the Clown Car



Can you picture Ted Cruz in the White house? Marco Rubio? Ben Carson? Rand Paul?  Bobby Jindal? I can’t.

What about scandal-plagued Chris Christie? Or the unctuous bumpkin, Mike Huckabee?

Or that Koch Brothers lackey, Scott Walker?

And Rick Perry – again?

Is this a joke?

Crazy Cruz couldn’t win a presidential election in some banana republic, for Heavens sake. Does anyone really think he is fit to be leader of the free world?

And Rand Paul has about as much chance of becoming America’s president as his nutty father, who has been running for the office for most of my lifetime.

Union-busting  Scott Walker came within an eyelash of getting dumped as Wisconsin governor. Only truckloads of Koch Brothers money saved that job for him. But it would take a lot more than money to gild that lilly enugh to win a presidential race.

As for Carson, Rubio, Christie, etc., there’s nothing any of these guys have to sell that could get their foot in my door. And I am not alone. Even their far-right base is divided. Here’s what a recent Pew Research Center poll found:

Of 10 possible GOP contenders asked about in the current survey, no candidate garners solid support from more than a quarter of Republican and Republican-leaning registered voters.

Yes, Jeb Bush is a more credible candidate than the rest of the field. But another Bush in the White House? So soon after the disasters his brother inflicted on us?

I don’t see how Hillary can lose this one. All she has to do is act normal, be her smart, competent self, and let the clowns do what they do best – make fools of themselves.

Of course even clowns have their constituencies. They can count on frothing-at-the-mouth support from the Religious Right  – make that the Religious White – for example. And they will have obscene amounts of money from well-heeled pals on Wall Street and other shadowy sources.

But what can that money really buy? TV commercials, of course. But do the ads still have any credibility?

Haven’t we already heard all the stale – thoroughly debunked – arguments and trumped-up charges that money can buy?

Don’t we know better by now?

If we don’t, we will get the president we deserve.

Click for the survey results.