Teachers Heritage Workshop, June 2, 2009, Kingston

Tuesday, June 2, 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

To be held at The Auditorium, The Institute of Jamaica, 10-16 East Street

On June 2 the Jamaica National Heritage Trust and the Institute of Jamaica’s Division of Museums of History and Ethnography are presenting a special Heritage Workshop for Secondary School Teachers of Social Studies and Culture Agents.  The workshop focuses on the work of the Jamaica National Heritage Trust and the Museums of History and Ethnography.  Teachers will be able to participate in a variety of specialist presentations designed to assist them in their teaching of the National Curriculum.  The resources of the Jamaica National Heritage Trust and the Institute of Jamaica are listed as educational resources in the national curriculum and their monuments and collections can be used as effective teaching tools in the teaching of History, English, Geography, as well as the development of critical thinking and literacy in students of all ages.   However, we would like to increase the number of teachers and students who visit our heritage sites and use our collections.

During the day we will be able to show teachers a variety of different ways of using heritage as an effective teaching tool in the classroom.


The event will commence at 10. 00 a.m. with a welcome and overview by Dr. Jonathan Greenland, Consultant with the JNHT

Archaeologist Dr. Robyn Woodward, Simon Fraser University, will be giving a presentation on New Seville

Dorrick Gray, Jamaica National Heritage Trust, will discuss ways in which Jamaica’s tangible heritage, particularly Port Royal, can enable students to understand their history.

Dr Rebecca Tortello, Ministry of Education, will be discussing ways in which heritage can be incorporated into successful classroom teaching

Teachers will then be able to tour the exhibition ‘XAYMACA: Life in Spanish Jamaica’ with the exhibition curators and Education Officers from the Museums Division of the Institute of Jamaica.

We will provide demonstrations of a number of different teaching strategies as well as information on how to use the resources of the Jamaica National Heritage Trust and the Institute of Jamaica.

Teachers will be welcome to circulate around the different divisions of the Institute, including the exhibition ‘Port Royal’ that explores the fascinating history of Jamaica’s living heritage city.

The day will last from 10 a.m. until 1.00 p.m.    There will be light refreshments available.  This Heritage Teachers Day is held in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Institute of Jamaica’s Division of Museums of History and Ethnography.  For more information call JNHT at (876) 922 1287-8
Dr. Robyn Woodward has directed the excavations of Sevilla la Nueva, the first Spanish capital of Jamaica, for the past seven years. Dr. Woodward has a BA (Hons) in the History of Art from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario; a B.Sc. (Hons) in Conservation of Archaeological Materials from University College, Cardiff, Wales; a MA in Anthropology (Nautical Archaeology) from Texas A & M and finally her Ph.D. in Archaeology from Simon Fraser University in 2007. She lectures part-time on archaeology and maritime history through the Department of Classical Studies and Continuing Education at the University of British Columbia and the Archaeology Department of Simon Fraser University.