Hightened Anticipation For Magnum Follow DI Arrow

The Buzz is definitely on; you can feel the vibe on the ground and you know that something big is going to happen

Magnum Tonic Wine in its continued effort to bring quality entertainment to the masses will on March 1 energize James Bond Beach. James Bond Beach, known for hosting some of the best shows on the north coast will be the venue for this years staging of the Magnum Follow DI Arrow stage show. Preparations are in high gear for what is one of the most anticipated events since the beginning of the year. The promoters of Magnum Follow Di Arrow are putting in place all the necessary technical and audio requirements to ensure that the event eclipses past stagings.

Magnum which is know for its involvement in top notch shows such as Magnum GT’s Christmas Extravaganza has ignited a heightened state of anticipation in St Mary and surrounding areas for the show which has become a staple on the Jamaican entertainment calendar. This year “Magnum Follow Di Arrow” will be presenting one of the best line ups ever to grace the grounds of the James Bond Beach.

Sizzla Kalonji will appear alongside numerous other heavy hitters such as Lady Saw and Busy Signal. The Alliance crew is ready and waiting for the opportunity to present their set enriched with Bounty Killa’s timeless hits along with Movado’s current dancehall anthems. Not to be left out are other members of the dancehall fraternity including Assassin, Anthony B, Ninja Man and Josey Wales all who have pledged that patrons of “Magnum Follow Di Arrow” leave the venue more than satisfied. There are also some new comers on the roster including Stacious and Serani.

“Magnum Follow Di Arrow is a show that I look forward to every year. Last year was a good year for dancehall and this year has started very well, the artistes on the show have many hits and the fans will be pleased” – Busy Signal, Recording Artiste.

The tourism sector on the north coast is also gearing up for Magnum follow DI Arrow. Reports from that section of the island are that visitors are already arriving for the show and hotel rooms are going fast. Some fans who have not already booked their rooms will find it difficult to find accommodation near to the venue.

The Buzz is definitely on; you can feel the vibe on the ground and you know that something big is going to happen. We have had a lot of calls from patrons and persons from overseas who want to attend the event and we are putting in all the contingencies to ensure that we are able to accommodate as many fans as possible” Dexton Ennis, Magnum Follow Di Arrow Promoter.

This year’s staging of Magnum Follow Di Arrow will be a show to remember, fans need to wait no longer as on March 1 James Bond Beach in St Mary will be infused with the energy Magnum Follow Di Arrow is Known For.

“Magnum Tonic Wine is going all out this year. Magnum has become the Tonic drink of the people and we want to show our appreciation by giving them a good show. We are putting together a world class event and patrons will get an energised night of real Jamaican music” – Gary Dixon Brand Manager Magnum Tonic Wine.