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Jamaican Born City Council Candidate To Make History On Heels Of Endorsement

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31st City Council District Candidate, Jamaican born Michael R. Duncan is set to receive an endorsement from the Marcus Garvey People’s Political Party (MGPPP) at a press conference on Saturday, March 21st outside campaign headquarters.

The first to be issued in its 80 year history, the endorsement marks a historic event and an especially prestigious honor for Duncan, a student of Garvey’s philosophies, notably the “Each One, Support One” concept, which he has successfully co-opted as an economic tool to repair fractured communities in the district. It would be difficult to find another endorsement, anywhere, that is steeped in more pedigree and symbolism than the one that proudly awaits Duncan. Though, the endorsement is political in its kind, it represents a relic of Garvey’s past, only recently, recovered through the candidacy of Duncan.  With the endorsement comes an extraordinarily rich cultural legacy and the implication that Duncan will assume the mantle of leadership left vacant by Garvey and his followers. In accepting this endorsement, Duncan embarks on a mission to lead the people of the 31st Council District valiantly, in the face of adversity, from economic despair to a destiny, not yet realized.

Duncan fully accepts this responsibility with great humility and even greater expectations. “This is a day that I had hoped would come,” beamed Duncan. “It has always been my dream to follow in the path of one of the single-most influential revolutionaries of our time.  To me, this is not just an endorsement, but an affirmation of my life-long journey to continue the work of the Honorable Marcus Garvey.”The sheer enormity of the event speaks to the unsurpassed impact of Garvey’s name and its deep reverential air preserved by residents many of whom emigrated directly from parts of the Caribbean.  Duncan, who is of Jamaican descent, feels a particular kinship with Garvey, like many of his supporters.

Moses Henriques, vice president of MGPPP, praised Duncan, while also, recognizing the unprecedented distinction surrounding him. “Michael Duncan is the first candidate endorsed by Marcus Garvey People’s Political Party in NYC politics,” Henriques declared. “The 31st Council District has the great fortune and opportunity to elect a candidate unlike any other. His exposure to the teachings of Marcus Mosiah Garvey has prepared him to represent the constituents of the 31 Council District.” Henriques went on to draw a telling parallel between Duncan and another distinguished councilman of an earlier generation. “In discussion with [Duncan] I am convinced that he will be a great leader in the likes of Adam Clayton Powell, the first African American to be elected to the city council of NYC.”

Preceding the press conference, at 10 AM, free breakfast will be offered. Immediately following, join us at 11AM outside the campaign offices on 225-12 Merrick Boulevard to witness history and celebrate the advent of a new leader. To match the momentous nature of the day’s proceedings, an invitation will be extended to the public and those living beyond the borders of the 31st District.

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