Hon. Golding, How about a Bolt Ambassadorship to China?

The recognition of the spectacular performance of our athletes in Berlin began last week.

Our global star is being honored with a lofty title and and a highway being renamed in his honor.


Usain Bolt & Prime Minister Golding


Both these honors certainly affirm Bolt’s standing in the local community. However, Bolt is clearly the driving engine behind the global brand.  The current posture does not allow much leverage except for social proofing.


There is another means of exercising additional leverage.  Here goes:

Make Hon. Usain Leo Bolt an ambassador at large with specific portfolio to China.


Ambassador-at-Large is a Diplomat of the Highest rank and/ or a Minister who is accredited to represent his country. But unlike the Resident Ambassador (who is usually limited to a country)and/or embassy, the Ambassador-at-large is entrusted to operate in  a Region or sometimes a seat of international organizations like the United Nations . In some cases an Ambassador at Large may even be specifically assigned a role to Advise and Assist the Government in particular issues. Historically, Prime Ministers have designated special diplomatic envoys for specific assignments, primarily overseas but sometimes also within the country as Ambassadors-at-Large.


Why China?

  • Jamaica needs to develop an Asian presence given the diminishing  tourism dollar from the west.
  • Bolt already has star power in China following his Olympic historic  performance.
  • Yellow yam could find a ready export market.
  • Mandarin patois would be funny as hell.
  • Seriously, the  Chinese youth are looking for ways of busting out of their rules-based, regimented country. Jamaica’s expressive culture could provide an alternative to the suspected American culture.
  • The internet provides an inexpensive means of building bridges between both cultures.
  • This service would give Bolt a new platform to conquer and a more diverse global network.


So do to think that is out of the box idea is for the bird. So what is your idea?