Horace McCormack – A Profile of the Jamaican Abundant Spirit.

 More than our pocket books are affected during our season of economic turmoil.

A recession of the spirit can blanket our psyche. Our personal pain tend to lead us to become tight-fisted and closed-hearted.


It take strong leadership to challenge us to see beyond our personal circumstances and practice a spirit of abundant living.


I was privileged to meet such a leader at the Independence celebration a few Sundays back.



As I was leaving the event, I was met at the door by a gent passing out a colorful postcard.  It was an invitation to a Jamaican play that will be benefiting the fight against polio.  My curiosity got the better of me and I needed to find out more, so I exchanged contact information with the card giver.


Turns out that this civic promoter was Mr. Horace McCormack, president and CEO of HGM Management and Technologies Inc.  This is an award winning company that provides businesses with the capabilities they need to effectively compete in the 21 century.  This Jamaican giant practices the ethics of deep social engagement as he is also the district  Governor of many rotary chapters in Northern Virginia.

He is spearheading the presentation of a block-buster Jamaican cultural event on Saturday, August 29, and Sunday, August 30.  It  will be held at northern Virgina Community College,( NOVA).


Take special note of the high caliber of the writer, producer , directer, and cast.


Click to meet and listen to the wisdom of Horace  McCormack.


We have a great opportunity to have an enjoyable evening and support a worthy cause.

Call 540-370-0300 or 202-467-8034 to get your tickets.


This performance will lift your spirits and provide a strong stimulus for your funny bone.

Do your friends a huge favor and pass the word about this spectacular.  We will because we are a people of…..