Why Would Minorities Vote for the Republicans?

As I enter my 81st year on earth, you would think I’ve figured out most of the mysteries that keep folks like me awake at night. But I have to confess I still have no clue about a whole lot of things. For instance, what makes a black person or a Chinese person or a Hispanic person – or any other non-“Aryan” person – vote Republican?

I see minorities on TV spouting the Republican party line and I wonder are they deaf and blind? Don’t they listen to the TV or radio? Don’t they read the newspapers? Or do they misunderstand what’s happening?

Does Bobby Jindal (above, left), for example, think he is “one of them”? If he does, I have news for the Louisiana governor.

They might treat you like one of them when you’re around, Bobby, but when you’re not around you can bet they sing a different tune. And, trust me, you wouldn’t want to hear.

Take the story I just read in the Daily Kos. Originally published by the Miami Herald, it told of a Cuban born billionaire named Mike Fernandez who has stopped campaigning for Rick Scott (above, right) after the Florida governor’s campaign workers made fun of Hispanics. Here’s an excerpt:

Tensions between Scott’s campaign staff and Fernandez had been building for weeks. And the last straw, according to people within the campaign who spoke with the Miami Herald this weekend, was an incident in which several of Scott’s campaign staffers allegedly began joking around in a cartoonish, over-the-top Mexican accent while on the way to a Mexican restaurant.

Fernandez, who is Cuban, reportedly shot off an angry email to campaign leadership after word of the incident leaked out.

If you’ve been following the statements and policies coming from the new Republican Party, I’m sure this kind of behavior doesn’t surprise you. I know it doesn’t surprise me. I’ve seen too many of those disgusting portrayals of President Obama and his family that Republican politicians circulate among themselves, too many “monkey” dolls, too many tasteless ethnic jokes…

What surprises me is how non-white people swallow their pride and support these obvious racists. I wouldn’t even want to be in the same room with them, let alone the same political party.

They can gather in their posh country clubs and send their children to private schools (but not with our tax dollars!). They can laugh at us behind our backs and bask in their delusions of superiority. It’s a free country and they’re free to live in a fool’s paradise if they want.

But why would the rest of us aid and abet them?

Click here for the Daily Kos report.