how kate and kayla got eaten by Black River crocodiles

Okay so no we didn’t. And even had we jumped in with the crocodiles, I doubt we would have been eaten. According to our tour guide at the Black River in St. Elizabeth, crocodiles feed at night and need the sun to digest in the daytime. Pretty cool if you ask me…..anyway, from the beginning… Our trip to Black River was unlike any road trip I have ever taken. Actually, traveling in Jamaica is always interesting. If you have ever travelled in Jamaica, you know what I’m talking about. The roads are wind-y, bumpy and narrow; hard to get comfortable and don’t even think about taking a nap. But why would you even want to? The scenery is by far the most beautiful I have ever seen. Jamaican countryside is much different than your typical drive from the airport to the resort type of view. It is absolutely amazing how you can start at the beach, then be incredibly high up in the hills, then suddenly (and by suddenly I mean a few hours later…but I swear it happens so fast some how) right back at the beach on the other side! Insane!! It’s like you’re driving through thinking, how is it possible to be so green?!? The flowers are also something you don’t see on the coastline, from my experience anyway. I also loved seeing all the people chillin’ in the streets of their towns. Always friendly when we wave of course. There is also a definite difference in how the people act towards us, as two “white girls”. We normally cause quite the stir (seriously, not being conceited, it just happens!! Come visit, you’ll see!) but not up there. They may be interested, but they do not show it like the men in the towns we’ve been living in! Kind of a nice break let me tell you.

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