How the heck did the Economic Meltdown really happen?

Heard a new fancy term – “forensic analysis” to describe how one can peel the onion to understand the genesis of the meltdown.


We have heard it started with sub-prime mortgages.

I had yet to see a crisp  comprehensive analysis  until now.

I ran across an animated video that entertains while it educates us.

Click to watch movie

As we rebuild our lives, it’s good to know what to avoid and what new regulations will be meaningful to foster a sustainable economic future.


The media tends to exaggerate negative news; focusing on the most dramatic statistics; constantly making  comparisons with the great Depression . It can become down right depressing.

If you were unfortunate to lose your job, especially for those of us over 40, our worst fear can become a crippling ,depressing event.

Grieve the loss! but  don’t remain there!


if we remain flexible and retain a positive attitude, we can look for ways of turning our lemons into lemonade.

We can create unexpected opportunities. Sure, we will be forced to take a new strategy, we may be able to pursue career paths that we previously never thought of.


Share your comments on how you have moved beyond a job loss to a new possibility.