How Time Flies

So over the last two weeks I have witnessed how quickly my son really does grow. He was two last Friday and I felt an incredible sense of how far we have come. How only it seems like just yesterday I held him as I tiny baby in my arms.

Fast forward to now and he is a curious energetic child who is saying no to everything, is starting to put sentences together, who is very helpful and who loves to read thank God and also loves to watch TV.  He is my little companion. Just last night I was seasoning up some chicken and he wanted to help so I allowed him to shake the powered seasoning on. He looked so proud doing it and kept asking, “more mummy more”. It made me realize how these simple things mean alot to a two-year old to be able to do it.  So instead of trying to protect him so much I will allow him to do some simple tasks that wont endanger him.

He has also settled down a bit.  There are temper tantrums but not as much. In two weeks he went from crying for everything under the sun to crying only sometimes for this I am most grateful as I don’t know how much longer I could have tolerated the constant crying.

I still have potty training in mind as I am stilling dying to take diapers off my monthly budget. No success yet so we will see.

All in all it has been a great two weeks and I thank God that he is healthy and ok.