How To Be Happy No Matter Your Situation

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

Happiness is an illusive desire. Well that is not entirely true. Happiness becomes an illusive desire when you keep thinking that the situations in your life has to be perfect before you allow yourself to be happy.
I was the most unhappy person I knew. If things didn’t go my way, I would be really unhappy. I didn’t like my job, I didn’t like being broke, I didn’t like how my relationship was going, I didn’t like the way I looked and because of that I would eat more and then be unhappy with myself for not having any self control. Gee! My life was a total mess, filled with stress anxiety and unhappiness. Something had to give and give fast or I would have exploded!
One day I had an awakening. I said to myself, “self, would I be any happier if I had everything my heart desired?”
After answering that question honestly, the truth of what it takes to be happy began to unfold.
How to be happy no matter your situation
Enjoy where you are right now. Every situation you go through in life  is a learning experience. Knowing this, you should not spend your time worrying about things that you have no power to change. You most definitely can’t bog down yourself with thoughts of tomorrow.  Focus all your efforts and concentrate on what is before you.
Express gratitude. Who would have thought that a simple expression of gratitude could help you to feel better. When you start to focus on what you have now, you will begin to realize that things are not all that bad.
Be optimistic about the future, while giving your full attention to the present. Everyday you get a new opportunity to be better than the day before. Keep hope alive by reminding yourself that this too shall pass.
Bloom where you are planted. Your situation doesn’t have to be  perfect before you start to take action. Right there in your mess, you can do what is possible in that moment until your change comes.
Make a difference in someone else’s life. I don’t know about you, but I am really happy whenever I get an opportunity to serve others. By focusing on bringing joy into others peoples’ lives, I intern receive joy for myself. The same will be true for you.
We know the truth. No one can make us happy. We have to choose every minute of the day to be happy no matter what is going on around us. And contrary to popular beliefs, happiness will never come as a result of what you have. Genuine happiness, is being willing to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, even when things are not perfect.
I wish for you peace, love, joy and HAPPINESS.
Positive Affirmation:  Today, I am choosing to be happy for the simple reason that I am alive.
How happy are you? Share with me your happiness techniques in the comment box below.