How to get US attention in the Caribbean?

I was reading this story on aid to Haiti the the excerpt below stood out as it seems like a political way to get money and attention for the from the US.

Source: Miami Herald

Writer: Jacqueline Charles

Haiti observers have long said the United States’ preoccupation with the war in Iraq has created an opening for countries like Venezuela and Cuba to now become among Haiti’s chief benefactors.



The Haitian government used savings from the Venezuelan Petrocaribe oil fund to buy heavy machinery following last year’s hurricanes. Without it, Haitian government officials have said they would still be waiting on the international community to dredge deadly rivers, reinforce banks and reconnect storm-damaged roads.


Also, using South Korean parts, Venezuela, with help from Cuba, constructed three new power plants in three major cities, and also provided $48 million in fertilizer to Haiti.

Cuba recently sent a team of experts to help Haiti figure out how to evacuate residents in cases of hurricanes.


”With the Cubans, it’s a very good cooperation. They don’t bring money, they bring their savoir faire in health, in education,” she said. “They are not transporting ideology to the country. They are low-profile and very serious.”


The partnership with Venezuela is ”based on the needs expressed by the president and the government,” Pierre-Louis said. “I don’t put them in competition, but it’s true that the U.S. could do much more and better focused, better targeted.