“How Will I Know My Children When I Get To Heaven?: A Mother’s Tales Of Hope”, May 7, 2011

Appropriately preceding Mother’s Day, Bookophilia will host author Grace Virtue MA, PhD, at 4:30pm on Saturday May 7, as she reads and does book signings of her novel: “HOW WILL I KNOW MY CHILDREN WHEN I GET TO HEAVEN?: A MOTHER’S TALES OF HOPE”.

“…TALES OF HOPE” has been described as ‘a fresh and provocative work on parenting…from the perspective of a single, immigrant mother in the United States. [With] a simple, elegant writing style, the author explores topics like faith, education, body image, media usage, racism, sexism, multiculturalism, abortion, homosexuality, and other modern day concerns, and demonstrates the value of compassion and thoughtfulness in facing them’.

“…TALES OF HOPE” – a collection of essays – is grounded in the experiences of a mother raising two daughters, and her attempts to answer the pressing questions they ask while navigating them through a series of experiences from which she seeks to extract important life lessons.

With great care and thoughtfulness, she moves from the specific to the universal, and guides the readers to timeless truths about compassion, self-control, humility, selfhood, the uncertainties of life, the frailty and absurdity of the human condition, the interdependence of all living things, and ultimately, the triumph of the human spirit.

Virtue’s memoir resonates because of its honesty, and dignity, and entertains because of the uniqueness of her Caribbean humour.

“…TALES OF HOPE” is currently available at Amazon.com, Bookophilia, and bookstores island wide.

Request for Interview

The Author will be in Jamaica from May 5 and is available for Interviews. Interviews required prior to May 5 may be arranged via Telephone.