Hypocritical indignation

A friend pointed me to a renewed campaign to ‘boycott Jamaica’, because the country ‘is the most homophobic on earth’. Here we go again.

When I read the links and the websites promoting boycotts, the continuous thread was one of arrogant stupidity and ignorance. One would think that there were mass killings of ‘gays’ in Jamaica and that most Jamaicans thirst for gay blood. These people would like to think that they are way up the list of Jamaican priorities. Truthfully, most Jamaicans wouldn’t put the ‘homosexual problem’ in their top 30 list of issues.

It is so sad that those who don’t want to be judged by stereotyping, are themselves quick to apply sweepingly broad brushes to others. So for the arrogant, ignorant, hypocritical screaming harpies, here is some information.

Jamaica is a country of over 2.5 million people. Like all large groups of people, opinions and actions differ. We are not a cult. There is less than 0.5% of the nation that can be accurately described as homophobic. Less than 1% of Jamaica’s murders or physical assault has any relationship to homophobia. Jamaicans don’t get up in the morning with the specific intent to do damage to homosexuals.

Granted, amongst a good percentage, there is not a high tolerance for homosexual acts. Note the difference between homosexuals and homosexual acts. The smart amongst you will discern a difference. The wild-eyed ranting dummies can skip on. Many homosexuals live in relative peace and safety in Jamaica.

Is there violence against homosexuals in Jamaica? Of course. There is intolerance everywhere including in the United States. The important thing is to understand where the violence comes from. There is usually a trigger… like a rumor, sometimes substantiated, sometimes not, of a male child being molested by a man. That sparks a mass emotional response and the rage falls upon many who are suspected of being gay. Irrational? I can agree with that.

Unusual… even in the US? Of course not. In fact just a few years ago, and still in many parts of the US, blacks face death for chatting up a white woman. Guess you don’t believe that, huh? Shows you don’t know your own country.

Jamaicans attitude homosexuality is often rooted in the christian religion, which by the way if you morons forget, was forced upon them by Europeans… the forefathers of many of you. Thus they consider it a sin, just as the pope in Rome does. Is that a justification for violence? No. Was the supposed wmds in Iraq a justification for US invasion? What do you think?

There is a maxim “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Why not apply that when you visit Jamaica? What right do you think you have of flaunting behaviours that you can in your country, in a country that find that behaviour unacceptable? It’s a question of respect. You want respect but you don’t want to respect us and our social mores.

Should some dude come from Amsterdam, and decide to toke up in Starbucks, would you think that he would be tolerated because it’s what he is accustomed to at home? Or would he find his ass in jail?

Put away your arrogance. You are no better or no worse than us. As equals we expect to be treated as such. So just as you would like us to respect you and your laws while in your land, all we ask is for the same consideration.

I find it unbelievably callous but not unusual, for some of you to think that it is ok to risk the lives of those gays in Jamaica by promoting a boycott. It is so easy to sit back in the cushy armchairs in New York while your ‘brethren’ are mauled to death in a fight you instigated, but in a battleground you won’t visit. Woohoo… you’re a real Dick Cheney type. Someone else’s blood shed for your perverse, cowardly satisfaction (said with all the contempt I can muster).

I don’t defend the persecution of gays or anyone in Jamaica or anywhere. I don’t support the sodomy laws there. But if you idiots think that you are going to promote change by boycotts, then you surely have your head up someone else’s arse.

Jamaica will change. Just because you have no patience for slow change, doesn’t mean you should attempt to force evolution. Let us be. Attack us and it will be like Iraq all over again (morons, that’s a metaphor).

You don’t know Jamaica. Most of you are driven by ignorance, misinformation and a misplaced rush to judge. You wish to punish several million people without knowing the minute percentage who are hateful and who commit crimes against homosexuals… just to get your rocks off.

Don’t come to our island… that’s your right and your decision. But it isn’t your right to force your misperceptions and outright lies on anyone else. And it isn’t your right to cause harm to others just because you are el stupido.
My focus on the Obama administration has been primarily foreign policy. The reason being is that it’s too early to tell what will happen with the economy and generally, I tend to agree with most of the moves.

But Obama’s foreign policy moves are right out there in the open and are defiantly contradictory to what he promised. More and more pundits are concluding that for the greater part, as far as foreign policy is concerned, we are seeing George Bush part deux.
Couple weeks ago, the western powers trumpeted their indictment of Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir for genocidal crimes. Bashir so far has snubbed the UN Security and the International Criminal Court (ICC). Both the Arab League and the African Union have expressed support for Bashir.

As is usual in the west, the positions of the Arab League and the African Union is tantamount to them circling the wagons and protecting their own.

Truthfully, I am a little uncomfortable with Bashir but really have little solid and identifiably truthful evidence on which to judge him. But that is not really my point.

I don’t see the ICC and the UN calling for the indictment of George W Bush and his band of murderous rogues. Obama and the democrats have already stated that they will not entertain any US action against them. Thus Bush, who has fomented more deaths and crimes than any other leader in this young century, lives free and in wealth.

The world knows this. The African and Arab world recognize this hypocrisy. I stand with them. This does not mean that Bashir is innocent… it simply means that the west needs to dig the mote out of their eyes before turning their righteous indignation elsewhere.
Barack Obama is invited to speak at catholic university Notre Dame in May but his selection as guest speaker is being met with anger by catholics… mainly from alumni (about 70% of letters from alumni opposed Obama’s presence), while students largely support his visit.

The furor is based on Obama’s willingness to give federal funding to embryonic stem cell research and international family planning groups that support abortions.

One student quote said, “To not allow someone here because of their beliefs seems a little hypocritical and contradictory to what the mission of the university and church should be”. Amen to that.