I hope I don’t get stubborn as I get older – The Music Industry

One of the challenges we all face as we get older is being stubborn to the new way of thinking. I have friends and family in the music industry from a generation that made and sold records in Jamaica. The one thing they do not seem to get is that no one buys music anymore. Most people download their music somewhere for free (friends PC or Online). They are still convinced they need to produce the old way and sell music CD’s bucking the trend I am seeing. I am not music expert but the trend seems to be giving a way the music to have a “hit” song that eventually will leads to concerts. This eventually leads to more music being sold. The contest is not about who gets a masterfully produced CD out but who can get consumers to notice their songs first. It is who wins the Public Relations and consumer buzz in the age of the Internet.

A good example of this is the reggae tributes to Obama. I heard a few un-released songs that were quite good before Cocoa Tea released his song. The difference is that they were doing all the “technical” old school stuff of “remixing” CD art work, album covers, voiceovers etc.. Cocoa Tea went for new school. The first release sounded raw. It was sent out free download. He got the buzz and I am sure reaped the benefits in concerts across the USA.