“I vill be bock”


Crude oil price continues to fall while gasoline continues to rise.  Is manipulative capitalism/greed great or what?


Was reading the ny times and a story of bonds (financial not baseball) had an engraving of the start of an horse race. The interesting thing about the engraving is that the jockeys were all black.

According to history, horse racing was America’s first national sport, and one n which blacks as jockeys, reigned supreme.  This continued for some time, from the late 1860’s into the 1920’s or just about.  Blacks won the top races including the Kentucky Derby, got the best horses, were the most sought after and really dominated the sport.

History will give several reasons for the decline of black jockeys, but the most likely reason is that the powers that be didn’t like the idea of black men hogging the glory and money… and that’s all she wrote.  Blacks were cut out of the action and it remains so until today.  And don’t tell me that they are not good enough.  They were the best then, there is no other reason why shouldn’t be competitive still, unless…


In this now watered down stimulus plan, the republicans have forced out several important projects.   They have managed to force the funding of the arts of of the plan and thy have also argued and forced a reduction on spending that would have repaired and increased the infrastructure for eduction… the repairing of educational facilities.  That tells us so much about the republicans.

America is falling behind the word in education but the republicans have a plan… keep America dumb.  Good works boys.


My comp still isn’t up so I’m very handicapped.  Until it is back, I will be posting some pics and short notes.  Please enjoy.  I will be back.