I Wonder if Those Ads Change Anybody’s Mind

Voting has already begun in some states, yet the airwaves are choking on political ads.  Do they change your mind? They don’t change my mind! All they do is make me mad.

When Mitt Romney comes on the TV and approves that message, I reach for a tomato to throw at the screen.

I bet the Republicans feel the same way when President Obama bad mouths their guy.

Never before has there been such a big chunk of the world’s resources devoted to hot air.

Is there anyone who still believes a word of it?

So why don’t both parties donate their advertising budget to the alleviation of world hunger?

Or just child hunger in America?

If there’s anything left to say in this wretched campaign of spin and lies, we’ll hear it in the debates, won’t we?

I know why I’m voting a straight Democratic ticket. The main reason is that the Republicans terrify me. I think they’re foaming-at-the-mouth lunatics on some kind of crusade to punish the poor for being poor, the old for being old, the sick for being sick, homosexuals for being homosexuals, women for being female, minorities for not being white and subteens for getting raped.

It’s hard for me to imagine why anyone would vote Republican. I suspect for many people it’s simply an aversion to having a black family in the White House. With other people, it might be a question of abortion rights, and others might have some bee in their bonnet about gun control… But a lot of voters are simply like football fans; they support their team no matter what.

All that nonsense about Obama being born in Kenya, or being a Socialist or Communist or Muslim or whatever, is just talk. I’m sure nobody could really believe it, but they just say it anyway to provoke the rest of us.  I think the kids would call it “pulling our chain.”

Whatever the reasons for the way we all vote in November, I don’t think anybody’s TV commercial will change much from here on in. All those ads do now is irritate us.

If I see Mike Huckabee’s fat face on TV one more time, spouting BS about Obamacare and urging me to sign some petition to a Senate that’s no longer in session about a law that was passed long ago and even declared legal by the Supreme Court, I am going to blow a gasket.

Especially now that Mitt Romney says he is for Obamacare again – the “common sense” parts of it, anyway.

Of course, tomorrow, Mitt is likely to change his mind.

I guess Huckabee doesn’t care what Mitt says since the Republican presidential candidate has supported every position on every issue at one time or another.

But I wish they all would just shut up. Don’t you?

Click here if you don’t believe what I say about Romney and Obamacare.