I Wouldn’t Call Hillary a Monster, But…

Is Hillary Clinton a “monster” as a top Obama adviser said recently? I don’t think so. A more plausible explanation of her campaign style is that she has decided to switch parties and run as John McCain’s vice presidential choice.

In the space of a couple of days she praised McCain three or four times, citing his “lifetime of foreign policy experience.” In contrast, she said, Barack Obama “gave a speech in 2002.” Asked on 60 Minutes whether Obama is a Muslim, she said “not as far as I know,” leaving the door open to those persistent rumors. Yet she knows with certainty that Obama is a Christian.

What’s going on?

Strange bedfellows abound in politics. Who would’ve thought Joe Liberman capable of endorsing a Republican? Yet there he is, grinning broadly, at McCain’s side.

So it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that the Republicans have struck a deal with the Clintons. Some glittering reward may await them for not only putting the Bush team back in power but also for destroying the Democratic Party.

How else would you explain the emphasis on race and gender, which pits whites and Hispanics against blacks, and women against men?

The only other possibility is that the Clintons are so power hungry that they are prepared to leave the Democratic Party in ruins rather than lose the presidential nomination. Like Samson pulling down the temple of the Phillistines, Hillary is apparently engaged in a gesture of suicidal defiance.